Function Venue Canberra

Function & events venue

Mercury Bar is a perfect venue for a function. It is large enough for a serious function but small enough for an intimate party.

Mercury Bar ensure it is exclusively provided only for you for the function duration… and venue hire is FREE. Mercury Bar only requires a $300 deposit to book and confirm the date. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the venue until the deposit is paid.

You need to know the following before booking Mercury Bar

  • Mercury Bar is a licensed premises and every person in Mercury Bar must be 18+ with ID.
  • Mercury Bar is a small intimate venue with a license to hold a maximum of 80 people.

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The $300 deposit is redeemable on the night of the function or party in the form of a bar tab or towards food, music or security. After the $300 has been used you can top the bar tab up during the night with as much or as little as you like or even stop the bar tab after it has been spent. Mercury Bar cannot offer discounted or reduced price drinks during functions.

Functions Catering Canberra

Mercury Bar does not have catering facilities although we can organise any food required for the function at the cost of the food plus a 10% organising fee. You can also organise your own food and we have a microwave to re-heat food and fridges to store cakes and food during your function.

Function Venue Canberra

Mercury Bar provides a DJ for the venue from 10pm regardless of it being a private function or private party. If you would like the DJ to start earlier we can arrange it at a cost of $40 per hour. We do have a free music option by you supplying a burnt CD or iPhone/iPod for your function. We also provide a projector during functions at no cost; you just need to supply a USB with the photos or movie that is compatible with Windows media player.